Multimedia Centre Oosterdok

Amsterdam (NL)


The intriguing free standing cube, standing between the train tracks and the water, calls the attention from all directions on this very central spot in the city. The interior is composed as a “route architectural”: after taking the elevator up, the route circles down passing though all the public spaces, exhibition spaces that differ in size and lightness and view directions, the multimedia library, the museum shop, ending down at the waterside in the restaurant. The skin of the building consists of perforated metal panels, that during the day glimmer by the reflection of the water waves and during the night shows fragmented what is going on inside.


Study project | Location: Oosterdok Island, next to the central station of Amsterdam NL | Program: exposition spaces, library, offices, artist studios, shop and a restaurant | Client: Montevideo, museum for multimedia arts Amsterdam | Architect: Menno Trautwein | Period: 2008