I Go By Bike

Rio de Janeiro

Graduation project Architecture UFRJ


The project proposes the inclusion of alternative means of transportation, namely the bicycle, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Despite having the largest cycling network of the country (140km), Rio's infrastructure does not meet the demands of the city’s inhabitants and is not integrated to the local transport system. The existing cycle paths are mostly located along the coast, in the richest parts of the city, therefore having a very social exclusionary character. The project proposes a cycling route of 12km through a consolidated part of Rio de Janeiro, between the districts of Tijuca and Ilha do Fundão. Various solutions were designed: cycle paths sharing space with cars, partly or totally segregated from roads. Along the way elements were added to support the cyclists such as bike repair workshops, cafés, toilets and parking facilities. A large bicycle storage with approximately 2500 parking spaces was strategically located next to the city’s main bus terminal, thus facilitating the integration of these two modes of transport. The insertion of cycling related elements on the city’s urban landscape attempts to create a more human-oriented environment and a gradual reconquest of public spaces by Rio’s inhabitants.