"Do It Yourself" Island

Summer workshop “Insula Arcadia” | Urbanism Master-class Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, July 2009

Project partners: Iris Wijn & Marijn van der Linden


The assignment for this 3-days workshop was to propose a strong urban concept for Brienenoord, an island located in the middle of the city of Rotterdam, along the river Maas. Instead of looking back to the history of the location - originally a fisherman village - the conceptual proposal for Brienenoord Island relates to the present need of inhabitants of large urban centres to have a space where to escape when the reality of daily life becomes too limited and boring. The “Do it yourself” Island allows anybody to use its own dreams and imagination in the construction of an ideal/utopian living environment. Using the water that surrounds it as physical propellant, the island’s topography can be adjusted according to one’s wish. Basic elements that facilitate the liveability in the island can be added whenever needed.