Delta Gateway

Research and Design Studio ‘Spatial Strategies for the Global Metropolis’

TU Delft 2010


Exploring the concept of ‘polycentric city’, the regional plan for IJsselmonde Island Rotterdam suggests some spatial strategies in order to create the necessary conditions for the chosen centralities to develop themselves, strengthening their position within the Dutch Randstad region. The project Delta Gateway defines a new recreational centrality for both IJsselmonde and The Netherlands. On a large scale (national/international), the Delta Park works as a physical and formal entrance for those who want to explore the peculiar Dutch Delta landscape. On a smaller scale (regional/local), the combination of urban functions and nature is, for IJsselmonde and Rotterdam inhabitants, a new possibility to recreate and socialize. The main attraction of the Delta Park is the Museum of Natural Sciences which works as a main anchor for tourism. Other facilities, such as cafes and restaurants support the museum and the park itself. The Delta Environment Research Centre is another central element in the plan promoting a specialized and high quality education on Delta environment and landscape. All these new functions, together with a new harbour, create great opportunities for the upgrading of the environmental, economic and social conditions of IJsselmonde.